LED Frameless Light Boxes


Our LED Frameless displays are made of high quality acrylic sheets which are lazer cut for a quality finish. The back panel incorporates the LED's and diffuser panel while the top sheet holds the artwork in place.



The LED Frameless display units are designed for wall mounting using supplied standoffs which hold the unit 1" away from the wall. The 2 smaller units (8.5"x11" and 11"x17") also come with 2 longer standoffs which can be used in place of two of the shorter pieces to allow the frame to stand on its own.


Diffuser Panel

Our frames give a bright and even distribution of light, this is achieved with a very efficient diffuser panel across the back of the frame



We use high quality LED's in our frames that offer an efficient and long life, 50,000 hours + at a high level of illumination.

cULus mark jpeg.jpg

Power Supplies

Every frame is supplied with a high quality power supply of the relevant size of frame, all units are cULus certified. 

cULus mark jpeg.jpg
1.5A with on_off switch