LED Frameless displays - wire suspended


These units have a similar look to our frameless displays, however the cover panels opens with magnets allowing for easier graphic change in window locations.


Diffuser Panel

Our frames give a bright and even distribution of light, this is achieved with a very efficient diffuser panel across the back of the frame


Installation - track system

Our new track system provides a simpler installation process and is more flexible to move and change configuration of the LED frames.


Power Connection

Once the power is connected to the track system, the 12V power travels to each individual frame through the support wires, giving a neat cable free solution.


Installation - Top & Bottom mounts

This solution take more time for installation but gives a secure mount as it is connected from above and below.

Mounting Bracket.jpg

Power Supplies

Every project is supplied with a high quality power supply of the relevant size for the frames included, all units are cULus certified.